The Michigan Racers track and field club is located in Commerce Township, Michigan. We compete in both AAU & USATF Track & Field events nationally. Our goal is to help you be the best competitor you can be.with the clock as your only gauge. We take a balanced approach to your development (Technical, Physical, Mental and Nutritional). We train in Commerce Township @ Walled Lake Northern High School during outdoor & Indoor seasons. This approach allows us to provide the athlete a year round training in the proper environment. 

We also believe in offering all of our athletes access to the tools they need to improve. Clinics, One on One training, and a fun group environment with other athletes are committed to their specialties. Train with other Elite athletes. Our program is not an easy program...but it breeds champions. If you have the commitment and desire to work hard, we will work together to define your goals and help you achieve them!

Commerce Township MI 48382 us   |    |  CoachMichael@michiganracers.com